Katrine Benninger Landscape Design

garden making


the process:

re-think, re-new, reclaim



exploring the possibilities and constraints of your site, understanding your needs, we create a vision, a plan, a place

what is the key purpose of your garden?

                               who will use it, how often, when?  

the living garden


from modest front yard to sweeping hillside, each garden holds a world of possibilities

to become a vibrant, exciting and thriving environment


we strongly believe in the creative and interactive process of

garden making

our gardens bring joy and inspiration


to ensure that we find the best solutions we work hand in hand with you from the first meeting to the completed garden:

exploring your goals, understanding your needs, constraints, and budget,


we work closely with you to identify and fine-tune garden elements that best suit your aesthetics, your vision and your site conditions.

Our mission is to create beautiful, environmentally gentle,
water wise and



working with you: we offer consultations, planting plans,

landscape design and installations


     to explorebringing your garden dreams to life

to enjoy  a thriving, ever-changing and inspiring garden